Bad Credit Used Car Loan: Get Finance for Buying Old Car Monday, December 29, 2008

Bad credit used car loan has been crafted specially for poor creditors to support and assist their used car buying need. Generally, adverse credit holders are unable to qualify for loans because of their blemished credit records. Therefore keeping in mind their requirements and financial situation loan market offers bad credit used car loan to help them purchase a used car.

Bad credit used car loan is a secured loans; generally the used car that you wish to purchase acts as the collateral against the loan amount. Therefore lenders feel little secured while granting you the loan amount.

The loan amount that is offered depends on your repaying capacity, annual income, model and type of used car that you intend to buy. The amount sanctioned is much lesser than what is it is for new cars. The repayment term varies from 2-7 years and can be met easily. The monthly installments can be scheduled on the basis of your repaying ability.

Due to your bad credit score, these loans are offered at relatively higher interest rates. Generally the car should not be more than 8 years old and if the car for which you are applying the loan is not older than 5 years, it may fetch you affordable interest rates. However your car may be seized in case you falter or don’t repay the loan amount.

You can conveniently apply for Bad credit used car loan online. A proper and through market research may fetch you better and affordable interest rates. Bad credit used car loans may be prove to be the most convenient way to own a car.

You even get a chance to improve your bad credit records. If you regularly make your payments without faltering any then gradually your credit scores start improving. Once you have improved your scores you become eligible for lower rate loans as well. Just remember to pay off your installments on time.